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TV & Radio

Make it sing, make it soar. Make it happen, make it pop, make it hip and make it hop. That’s the philosophy by which we approach every single project.
Our in-house creative department has vast experience in conceiving, writing and producing electronic media. Whether it’s a thirty second television commercial, a sixty second radio spot or a five minute kiosk video, the creative team at Balash Advertising has the experience and talent to bring your project to life.
Not only will we make your message stand out from the rest, we will always bring your project in on time and within budget.

Direct Mail

The last possible place you want your direct mail piece is in the trash can. That’s where we come in. Even in this age of internet and e-mail, when you possess a target list of prospective customers, the best way to reach them is through the postal service.
At Balash Advertising, we pride ourselves on creating direct mail that cuts to the heart of the issue and draws potential business your way. All our direct mail pieces are fresh and bold, designed in a way that won’t be discarded simply as junk mail. We also offer list acquisition and clean-up, as well as list creation dictated by various demographic data.


Effective advertising should act like a speed bump. Meaning that when a potential customer is skimming through a magazine or newspaper, we want him to slow down and stop at your ad.
At Balash Advertising, we believe in creating advertising that captivates. To that end, we only employ graphic artists that exhibit creativity and vision beyond the borders of imagination.
Whether the project needs to be a hard sell, retail, business to business or image-oriented, every one of our artists possesses the flexibility and inventiveness to ensure that your ad is the one that takes an unbreakable hold on your audience’s attention.
From logos to billboards, catalogs to folders, newsletters to signage to inserts. With Balash Advertising, you always get our undiluted inspiration and ingenuity.

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